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Here is my master list of stories, most (not all) can also be found on my account under the name 'Kiara45'. My multi-chapter fics will be listed at the bottom.

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Idea, Ed

Here, Have Another Video

I made another video in the last 12 hours, whaaaat??

Title: ...:: His Love Will Conquer All ::...

Basic Bitch 2010 FMA Youtube video, hahaha.

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Hello, Have a Video!

Hello again!

Not much has changed since my last update, I've just been working and doing homework. Fighting with work about my hours, as they need to change come next month as football starts again. But I'm sure it'll get worked out. Other than that, I got some braces -_-, I have to have FOUR teeth extracted before July (not my wisdom teeth, my 1st set of premolars on top, and 2nd set of premolars on the bottom - wisdom teeth are fine and not impacted so ortho doesn't want to touch them). I'll have the braces on for 2.5 years, and basically I will look 12 until then - which is fine by me lol. I'm going to New York next month, and I'm super excited about that (not so much about the plane, haha) And other than that, life is good. How is everyone else?

here, have another video!

Title: ...:: When the Light Comes On ::...
Pairing: Ed x Roy
Song: Can I Be Him?
Artist: James Arthur

Idea, Ed

Hello, Here's a Video!

Hey guys, long time no talk!

I promise I am still very much alive, just been busy with the day to day things. I got a new job back in September, hated it and got another new job in early November. Then, lasted 3 days there before they told me they were overstaffed and had to let me go. Which was fine, because I hated it there lol. I ended up having to go back to my old job, which is fine and I'm honestly happier. I'm set to graduate with my degree by the Summer, and life is pretty good.

I also made a new video! It's been 3 years, but I wanted to get back at it.

Title: ::I Think Your Love Would Be Too Much…:
Pairing: Ed x Roy
Song: Sunflower
Artist: Post Malone

I miss you all, and I'll pop in the chat tonight!
Idea, Ed

Five Sentence Fics

Title: 5 Sentence Fics 2018
Genre: Romance/Angst/Humor/Crack
Pairing: EdxRoy
Rating: M
Timeline: AU
Warning: Lots of crack shit
Summary: 5/20 we created five sentence fics from prompts C gave us, here is the crack shit I came up with haha.

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Idea, Ed

Holy Shit - Sorry for Bailing

Hello! Long time no see, LJ!

I have been active in chats though, so most of you see me, just not posting much on here.

Life has been hectic, I have moved to a new house and have had some serious work shit going on. Not to mention I babysit 24/7, and go to school, and had a seriously hectic football season (I say as it's May LOL)

In the past 6 months, I've had 4 people at work deemed ineligible to work at the daycare due to suspected child neglect. Two of those people being my director and assistant director, the other two being co workers who were in my class room. This started December 14th, and last Friday was wrapped up for good. My director was trying to get this off her record and come back to the job (she's been gone since like, the 9th of Jan.) but on Friday we learned she wouldn't be coming back and our interim director we've had since March will be staying. Which is nice, as new director is pretty cool. But, I'm the only original person from the toddler room who is still here, so it's been hard holding down the fort as we've gone through like 6 people working in the room with me since we lost the other coworkers in December.

On top of that, we lost two other staff members this month as they were found to be spanking kids so they've been charged with child abuse. Place is nuts, guys, and I'm hoping by 2019 I'm working somewhere else or going to school full time.

Anyhow, just wanted to pop in and post so LJ doesn't purge my account lol and update you guys on life. Going to try to update fics on here as well.
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IDK, Life Update I guess?

So I've been pretty nonexistent on LJ for awhile now. So I thought I'd do a life update. This summer has been pretty busy, I've been working my 8:30-4:00 job at the daycare and then babysitting every other second that I'm not at the daycare. But hey, more money so no real complaints there. Riku and I went on our first 'trip' together at the end of July, we went to Warped Tour and it was so much FUN. But also so very HOT. If you're interested, here's a little video I made up of our day (since Warped Tour is an all day concert, even though we left at about 7:30)

Other than that, I've been writing and doing school work. I also started watching Death Note for the first time since I was like, 14, and it's pretty much the first time I've ever watched the series from start to finish. It's AWESOME! I'd be cool to do another 'rewatch' group and watch that together on chat.

Anyhow, Football filming season starts next Friday and I am SO EXCITED. This season poses a lot of potential to get me somewhere towards a job with the team, and that's really awesome. I'm excited to see where my filming career will go this season. Also, I got a hair cut. Bangs are really life changing, and I finally feel like I look 21. But my Mother and Riku both say I look even younger now. And apparently I look about 12 now with these bangs -insert eye roll-

How's everyone been lately? I miss you all! Hope to see you all in chat either Friday or Saturday <3

<3 Edo
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Someone who is science-y help me out, I'm trying to be cool and write Ed as a scientist/physicist/ you know the usual stuff you see in a modern fic on AO3? Edo here can't science for shit, so someone help me lol. I just need a general idea of what Ed should do/be making in the fic and what will be in her lab.
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