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Of Zippers and Searching (AKA Zipper!fic)

Title: Of Zippers and Searching
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13?
Timeline: First few episodes of 2003 anime.
Summary: Ed ponders on life and the size of his zipper....

A/N: Taking a break from writing a research paper to post this. This spawns from the FMA Rewatch chat group, the size of Ed's zipper was just so large....

Special thanks to anotherfmafan for proofreading this for me! <3


All was quiet in the dinky hotel room, the only sound being the soft clink of the fan as it slowly spun around in circles. It offered little relief to the muggy, dimly lit room. But neither Ed nor Al cared— they were comfortable in the humid, dark room.

Edward lay sprawled out on the bed, a book held loosely in his hand as he blindly skimmed through the pages. Alphonse sat across the room, positioned on the floor; he also held a book in hand. Both were deep in thought, not paying attention to one another. Deeply engrossed in their research, the two brothers were trying to find yet another lead for the stone. So far, every potential lead they followed was just a dead end, full of bitter disappointment and a pissed-off Edward.

It was discouraging, leaving them beaten-down and clutching the edges of depression. A thick cloud of air, the elephant in the room, the fact that their bodies were still not restored despite being at this for so many months. It was suffocating, it made it hard to breathe, it was killing them both slowly.

The sight of Alphonse in that cold, unfeeling body, was a constant reminder of how far away Ed still was from his goal. It was the driving force, reminding him of why he started this wild goose chase. Hell, he didn't care if he restored his limbs or not, all he wanted was to see his baby brother’s smile again.

Edward's attention began to drift away from the text, he began to fiddle with the zipper to his jacket. Sliding the cool metal device up and down its track, listening to the sounds of it traveling down the trail. His thoughts began to drift, floating between the worry for his brother and to that of nonsense. His concern for Al was never-ending, from the day he was born Edward was always his protector, he was his older brother who would kill anyone who hurt his baby brother. But soon, his thoughts began to drift from that of his concern for Al and to that of his zipper.

He had never truly noticed the zipper before; he'd bought the entire outfit on a whim right before he left for Central City and wasn't too concerned over the minor details. He liked the colors and how it wasn't overly-flashy, but still made a statement. As he ran his fingers across the smooth surface of the zipper, he began to notice how large the piece of metal truly was.

Had it always been like that?

So...ridiculously large?

As he stared at the piece of metal, Ed felt a strange pang of sadness. Had he truly been so busy, on this wild goose chase for the philosopher's stone, that he missed the details of his clothes? How could his miss the size of this zipper, whose home was on the jacket he wore daily? Was he truly that out of touch with his day-to-day life?

“Hey Al…” Edward mumbled, eyes half lidded as he ran his fingers across the large piece of metal.

“Yes, brother?” Al asked, looking up from his book.

“Have you ever noticed how large this zipper is?” Edward asked, voice low and drained.

The metal armor rattled as Alphonse lifted his head up, his glowing eyes fixated on the excessively large piece of metal that adorned Ed's iconic black jacket. He studied it for a moment, taking in the image of the large zipper before speaking. “It is rather large.” Al said, his voice soft and quiet as it echoed in the hollow metal armor.

Ed twirled the device in his fingers, watching it as it glinted slightly in the dim light. The ceiling fan creaked in the background as Ed pondered over the large device in his fingers. “But...” Edward started in a low murmur, “Why is it so large, Al?”

Alphonse was silent, thinking over his response as he stared the silver piece down. “Maybe it's to compensate for your height,” Al replied, his tone serious.

“Yeah...” Edward replied, his gaze drifting between his younger brother and the zipper as he pondered over the zipper and all of its mysteries.

Al snickered at his brother’s reply, knowing that his brother was not listening to a word he was saying.

He thought over Al's reply, having not missed the slight snicker that escaped from the suit of armor. Twiddling with the zipper, Ed pondered over the size of the device and how he had missed the larger size of it for so long. It was then his thoughts returned to Al's reply, was his zipper really compensating his siz-

“Hey!!” Edward replied, jumping up from the bed to face his younger brother, a scowl marring his face.

“I wondered how long it'd take you to notice.” Al said with a chuckle.

Edward gave him a glare, before childishly sticking his tongue out at his younger brother.

“Just you wait, one day I'm going to be taller than you.” Edward said with a scowl, before turning back and glaring down at the ridiculous zipper.


A/N: Yes, yes that did take me three months to write.

Hopefully it lived up to everybody’s expectations, haha.

I'm back to writing an awful research paper, wish me luck.
Tags: fan fiction, fma

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