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Changes didn't go as planned...

UPDATE 5/14/16: Quit over the phone on my lunch break yesterday and got re-hired at my old job LOL.

Has anyone ever quit their job within the first week of working there? Cause I'm about do that, and go begging for my old job back. I know, how embarrassing.

I just felt like i didn't fit in with the staff, does anyone know what I mean? I know I've only been there for three days, but I just can tell this isn't the place for me. It's weird, I just thought I would love it. But instead I dread going there every day. I love my boss, but hate the rest of the staff. Plus, my old job had more pros than this place does.

And I've cried like, everyday when I've gotten home because I miss my old co-workers so much. No job is worth being miserable and my happiness matters more than making 50 cents more than my old wage.

Anyone ever go through this before? I feel kind of stupid since I've only worked there 3 days, but I just know it in my heart that this job wasn't meant for me.

<3 Edo

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