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IDK, Life Update I guess?

So I've been pretty nonexistent on LJ for awhile now. So I thought I'd do a life update. This summer has been pretty busy, I've been working my 8:30-4:00 job at the daycare and then babysitting every other second that I'm not at the daycare. But hey, more money so no real complaints there. Riku and I went on our first 'trip' together at the end of July, we went to Warped Tour and it was so much FUN. But also so very HOT. If you're interested, here's a little video I made up of our day (since Warped Tour is an all day concert, even though we left at about 7:30)

Other than that, I've been writing and doing school work. I also started watching Death Note for the first time since I was like, 14, and it's pretty much the first time I've ever watched the series from start to finish. It's AWESOME! I'd be cool to do another 'rewatch' group and watch that together on chat.

Anyhow, Football filming season starts next Friday and I am SO EXCITED. This season poses a lot of potential to get me somewhere towards a job with the team, and that's really awesome. I'm excited to see where my filming career will go this season. Also, I got a hair cut. Bangs are really life changing, and I finally feel like I look 21. But my Mother and Riku both say I look even younger now. And apparently I look about 12 now with these bangs -insert eye roll-

How's everyone been lately? I miss you all! Hope to see you all in chat either Friday or Saturday <3

<3 Edo
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