ChibiEdoKun (chibiedokun) wrote,

Holy Shit - Sorry for Bailing

Hello! Long time no see, LJ!

I have been active in chats though, so most of you see me, just not posting much on here.

Life has been hectic, I have moved to a new house and have had some serious work shit going on. Not to mention I babysit 24/7, and go to school, and had a seriously hectic football season (I say as it's May LOL)

In the past 6 months, I've had 4 people at work deemed ineligible to work at the daycare due to suspected child neglect. Two of those people being my director and assistant director, the other two being co workers who were in my class room. This started December 14th, and last Friday was wrapped up for good. My director was trying to get this off her record and come back to the job (she's been gone since like, the 9th of Jan.) but on Friday we learned she wouldn't be coming back and our interim director we've had since March will be staying. Which is nice, as new director is pretty cool. But, I'm the only original person from the toddler room who is still here, so it's been hard holding down the fort as we've gone through like 6 people working in the room with me since we lost the other coworkers in December.

On top of that, we lost two other staff members this month as they were found to be spanking kids so they've been charged with child abuse. Place is nuts, guys, and I'm hoping by 2019 I'm working somewhere else or going to school full time.

Anyhow, just wanted to pop in and post so LJ doesn't purge my account lol and update you guys on life. Going to try to update fics on here as well.
Tags: life update

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