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Life is Weird

So, I quit that shitty job. Got my old job back and I am as happy as a clam.

But, like, Friday was an adventure.

I had a meeting with my old bosses about my re-hire at 1:30 yesterday afternoon, so I asked my now ex-boss if I could take my break at 1:15. And so I had a good hour for this meeting, that only took fifteen minutes.

So my Mom was all like "I wouldn't even go back after my lunch break." and I was all like, "I think I'll do that." Since I knew I got re-hired at my old job, I didn't think it was worth the remaining four hours of my shift if I was quitting. Lol.

So on my break, I called my boss and quit. Over the phone, like a boss.

This week has been fuckin' weird, that's all I have to say.

But life is good :) Hope to see you all in FAP tonight!
Idea, Ed

Changes didn't go as planned...

UPDATE 5/14/16: Quit over the phone on my lunch break yesterday and got re-hired at my old job LOL.

Has anyone ever quit their job within the first week of working there? Cause I'm about do that, and go begging for my old job back. I know, how embarrassing.

I just felt like i didn't fit in with the staff, does anyone know what I mean? I know I've only been there for three days, but I just can tell this isn't the place for me. It's weird, I just thought I would love it. But instead I dread going there every day. I love my boss, but hate the rest of the staff. Plus, my old job had more pros than this place does.

And I've cried like, everyday when I've gotten home because I miss my old co-workers so much. No job is worth being miserable and my happiness matters more than making 50 cents more than my old wage.

Anyone ever go through this before? I feel kind of stupid since I've only worked there 3 days, but I just know it in my heart that this job wasn't meant for me.

<3 Edo
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Sorry I've been kind of MIA, things have just been crazy around here!!

I started back to school, I'm not sure if I mentioned it but I transferred from the shitty community college. I'm a New Media Communication's major, working towards my bachelors degree now. I'm also in the process of switching jobs, I will be working at a much better Child Care Center. I turned in my two weeks at my current job yesterday, and everyone was shocked. but I'm getting paid more at my new job, and the directors not a crazy bitch.

Here's the main reason I quit, if anyone is curious:
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Anyhow, life is a little crazy right now with all these changes. Not to mention I am babysitting nearly every day for many children at our current center. But I hope to catch up with everyone in this weekends FAP!

Miss you all! <3
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[Roy/Ed] Shadows and Regrets

Title: Shadows and Regrets
Rating: T??
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warning: Major spoilers for 2003 anime
Summary: “It was because I am in love you!” Roy shouts out into the distance, hoping Edward would hear him.

Edward freezes, nearly tripping when he hears Roy. “You're fuckin' lying.” Edward spits out before he even turns around. “You're even more of an asshole now than you were a few minutes ago.”

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[Ed/Roy] Piece by Piece

Title:Piece by Piece
Pairing: Roy/Ed (as if I do anything else)
Rating: Idk, T for swearing?
Warnings: MAJOR spoilers for 2003 anime.
Summary: Because when you're finally safe, a break down is inevitable.

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Idea, Ed


Ok, so I was at Second and Charles (this second hand book store place) on Christmas Eve, and guys, I hit JACK POT.

I found SEVEN Fullmetal Alchemist doujinshi's!!!

They aren't any that are familiar to me, as most of them aren't related to any pairings. But here are some pictures of them!:

They are all in Japanese, so I have no idea what's going on. But I still think it's such a cool/random find!
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